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considerations for developing a land use policy framework to guide the decision making process for current and future uses of sfpuc properties. the land use policy framework will be brought to the commission for consideration before the close of 2011. president vietor: hello. >> hello, good afternoon. deputy general manager. i have a few slides prepared. i would like to kind of go through those. but this is a workshop, so you can stop at any time to ask questions. i like the analogy that we are trying to do something because we do not want to bring something back half baked. you will see a lot of the ingredients during the presentation, and hopefully that will stimulate some discussion with you. we're going to look at a couple of different things. one is the puc property types. we're focusing today a lot inside san francisco, because there is a lot of property outside san francisco. you have right of ways outside san francisco. there are a lot of policies in place for those properties outside of san francisco. but it could be much more comprehensive than that they are today. there's a diff
in 2000 and 2001. those cover a lot of uses and have plans and policies in place. you have a right of way encroachment policy, and that was put in place mainly to cover a lot of the issues on your right of ways as we started doing the water system improvement program where people had fences and yards that we had to move out of the way and how we were going to do that in a transparent way. finally, there is that vegetation management policy and how we manage vegetation on our right of way. as you may recall, we do not want a lot of different types of vegetation which might interfere with their utility purposes, like planting a lot of trees or we have pipelines not being a good idea in the future. let's take a look at a few slides to get your ideas. sites with the primary utility purpose and existing or potential secondary use. this is merced manner, a reservoir and central palm station did a that is the building and the printer to the left. it has a large grassy area around the pump station. we revegetated this after building the station. in a possibly have a secondary use. it has b
of the city of san francisco to say that we will not let this happen in our city limits and help us pass a resolution to protect the community. we have a resolution coming before the task force and we expect some changes and i will present you with what ever changes we agree on but i hope that you will stand with us to pass this resolution. thank you. >> the next speaker? >> good evening. i am here before you as a medical campus patient and worker as well as an advocate, locally. i want to say the same thing, we want the board of supervisors to reaffirm the sanctuary status for medical cannabis, not just for the dispensaries but the community and would like for you to send a message to the department of justice by doing so to say that state rights should be upheld and she should preserve safe access for the medical cannabis patients. >> the next speaker? >> i am one of the owners -- who recently received a letter from the federal government, our landlord did, threatening them with imprisonment. we offer dental insurance and -- people in the streets don't have jobs. we have donated over -
moran: it does strike me as the easiest to use. how do you go outside of policy and be true to the policy itself? >> i think that is right. i think we could come up with at least as strong man of some general principles and some values related to that, which might include something like public benefit, so that this really stays a surplus question. this is integrated into the property. this is a core value that we hold. there are city ordinances that we need to comply with. the reason we have gone into this space is that there was an executive order. there was a mayor's directive. there are other pieces. cca, i do not know where that will go. but as part of the build up, it may be important to look as part of energy generation. maybe there is a sidebar to our principles and values that say that these values also need to come into play, short of doing too much of the rubric of methodology, but it is something that we are keeping track of, and i would like this to be a framework overall it will not be horribly difficult, but it is true. >> you have given us a lot of information
services worker. when something big hits, obviously, i think any city employee would be eligible to use the system. and we are actually working to expand the definition even more to allow public works -- there are a variety of functions that the city performs that i would consider public safety functions. we are just trying to expand the definition as broadly as possible. on the question of devices -- absolutely. both the arra and the fcc are setting specific standards and requirements for these networks. we are negotiating to make sure we have clear language in our agreement with motorola. motorola has to ensure that any device that is certified is compliant by the fcc or the national standards agency in washington will operate to it's full functionality on the network. we believe that is a key component, to develop a key market for devices and hopefully drive down the price of those devices. do you have my contact information? i love to talk about this. if you have any questions that you would like to follow up, please do so anytime. then he gets very excited about this. thank you. --
to the citizens who elected us that it is necessary to pass through this difficult phase. this is the only way to avoid an even worse fate. >> greeks what none of it. they are facing job losses for 30,000 public sector workers as well as new taxes. that is why they send a message the only way they can. the package of cuts are a precondition for greece getting their hands on the last amount of bail of funds they need. >> major unions promise even bigger protests for tomorrow. for more, we spoke to our correspondent in athens and asked what we can expect. >> well, there is a call by the communist union to actually surround parliament in order to keep mp's from being able to make their way there and cast a vote on a very controversial new round of austerity that the government is desperate to vote through parliament tomorrow. the unions have vowed that they will try to circle parliament to prevent the mps from voting this. rallies are expected at the capital throughout the capital. there is anger on the streets of athens. >> is there a fear that worst violence might erupt after the clashes that w
and then someone gets deported, and then another one. when the subprime problems got us into this bad economy, you also had all this enforcement from the immigration. they would go after good people, arrived in the middle of the night to get someone from their home. i have a case of a young man where immigration came to pick him up at 5:00 a.m. his wife is a citizen. the other siblings were citizens. by 3:00 in the afternoon, he was already in tijuana in his pajamas with no money, no nothing. fortunately, the other people who were arrested gave him $10 so that he could call his family so that they could wear him money and he could go home. -- wire him money and he could go home. these are the types of cases i see. we need this immigration reform, but what i wish we could do it is -- i would like to see a media campaign. we want you to present the benefits that immigrants bring here. what we see everywhere is that immigrants are taking jobs away, they are the pressing salaries, they are committing crimes. that is not true. republicans to press our salaries. -- depress ourur salaries. [applause] loo
. schloss, we discussed this program with the fta, and they cautioned us from evaluating this program flight title 6 perspective. if we would embark on this program, and we would have to pass the fta mostar, in terms of the program. if we were to do this, we could not limited to san francisco use only. first of all, clipper could not allow that and a title 6 program would not allow us to do it. additionally, this would have to be a priority for the program regionally. we are only one of the transit offices operating the clipper program. we have to stand in line for our needs along with the other issues in front of clipper. with the budget analysis report, included were some areas that we do not feel we agree with. one of the first ones is they felt we could reduce our number of fares sectors and test savings of $370,000. we do not think this is the case. we are very low on tfi staff and we believe the staff would have some safety and customer service issues as well. we do not believe that assumption is realistic. we also think we will have to incur some administrative effort in marketing and
tried everything you could the night of the riot, the night that the police went against us. i believe you tried to get the mayor on the phone to get to stop this. i understand that you don't have the most influence -- you weren't able to stop it. i get that. but all of you, the 10 of you, no, the nine of you, you have the power to stop what they're doing to us on a daily basis. please stand with us. we are growing daily. 1,500 cities nationwide. thousands worldwide. we are getting bigger by the day. we will do nothing but get bigger. we will not stop. when we win -- when we have taken our power back and we have changed this world, where do you want to be? where do each of you want to be? i would like for you to stand with us. thank you. [applause] >> next speaker. >> i was going to say good afternoon. but i think it's good evening, supervisors. >> my name is rachel achison. i wrote a short statement so i wouldn't ramble on. i grew up in the city. and i love san francisco. but right now i'm a shamed of this behavior towards this peaceful group who are showing the courage to finally spe
'm catherine kobayashi in tokyo. japan's semigovernmental energy body and a u.s. company have signed a deal to conduct a test for methane hydrate in the u.s. state of alaska. methane hydrate is a type of natural gas formed from methane and water. japan national corporation made an agreement with conoco phillips to carry out testing in northern alaska for next january. the two entities plan to dig a well 1,000 meters deep to study how much gas can be extracted. a considerable amount of methane hydrate reserves have been identified in seabeds off japan's coast. japan is hoping that the experiment with the u.s. firm will help it to find ways to efficiently extract these gas molecules and put the fuel to practical use. >>> japan's prime minister is visiting south korea and will meet his counterpart myung-bak on wednesday. >> translator: i want to have thorough discussions on future oriented japan/south korea ties including an economic partnership agreement. >> noda will likely urge south korea to resume negotiations for an agreement. it has been suspended for seven years. he will also discuss h
're at rock bottom. at 1100, as low as i ever want to see us go. >> reporter: police provided evidence and would have recommended murder charges if moreno was still alive. nbc bay area news. >>> it was a big day on capital hill, not because of the economy or jobs but progress stemming from san bruno. senator barbara boxer continued the fight to make gas lines saver. she described what happened in san bruno last year as an absolute horror. vicki has been following the story. how significant was today? >> reporter: huge, raj. today's hearing comes hours after the senate unanimous vote to regulate the pipe industry. senator boxer said the deadly explosion in san bruno was entirely preventable and pg&e and regulators missed multiple opportunities to catch the failure in that pipeline. to its credit, pg&e told lawmakers it hired a former ntsb chairman to oversee the massive changes. jim hall will report directly to them about the progress. the company is aware it needs to modernize its system and set now standards for operational and public safety. the new laws call for automatic and remote
put out about us on those web sites. sometimes if you look at the what the kids are doing with space books they are loading personal information on web sites. all that depends. we need to understand there are central repositories that have this information. >> let's talk about this i ntelius, do i have that correctly? does it examine every public record on a person for a fee whether it's local government or federal government or state government? >> it's one of many companies that their business is going to all those public records, which were created by taxpayers by the way, putting the information in their own private companies and -- computers and selling it. >> this is what i have that they'll deliver for you for $29.95 or if you want a full write up for $49.95. it will give you up to ten prior addresses and phone numbers for the individual, a maiden name, the age, the current name, the relatives, the roommates, the neighbors -- that's the beginning dossier. if you go further to the larger one you can examine thousands of private records including any criminal records, any arrest
austerity measures proposed by the government. nhk world is in athens. >> the government bleeds us dry. they should immediately step down. >> what are we supposed to do if we can't receive a psi? >> reporter: in athens, the square in front of the parliament is packed with demonstrators on monday, wednesday, i should say. more than 120,000 protesters are marching through the city's center, chanting anti-austerity ogs. e otestasaunched by mar iove measures including pension cuts and layingff of about 30,000iv demonstrators threw firebombs at the police. this is the first demonstration of tcan greece sce the start of the sereign debt crisis two years ago. transport, hospital and other public workers are among the protesters. traffic in the capital is paralyzed and many strikers were converging on the parliament building. the government is trying to persuade the public to accept the new measures, which it says are essential to securing immediate funds for the country. >>> china sharply reduced holdings of u.s. government bonds ter the credit rating agency downgraded u.s. debt in ea
on the war on drugs. you will not stop individuals from using what has already been exposed. we are encouraging and a legal lifestyle, and illegal treatment anytime individualistic think outside of the box, because children are getting written prescriptions before they graduate from high school. veterans are coming back and snapping on their families. for those that fall in between become inmates and we are dealing with a cocktail situation that we are not treating like responsible parents or responsible citizens like we are supposed to do. 99% represents different aspects of different individuals dealing with basically the same kind of command and control issues that you can't raise humanity on. i cannot keep an abuse of lifestyle going, it has to stop at some point in time. somebody has to deal with 52 weeks or whatever type of punishment is in order. i believe the city is in violation of the geneva code and conventions. we're turning our communities, and our children are absolute examples of that with the video games, killing, music. i believe that occupy sf -- [chime] presid
of the thing that has impacted use is able to impact transportation. not every family has the money to provide kids with the proper amount money for the bus fare. one of the services that helps our school buses. some of this is only those that have to go to school. it is important for students to have this to reach academic success. >> we have pretty strict time limits because city regulations. when you hear the first bell, it means you have another 30 seconds. >> thank you for having me. i live in a shelter with my daughter. i want that service to not be taken from me because that is the first thing that i need as a mother. >> just as housing is my number one worry as a parent, the number two worry for me and transportation for my daughter to get to school. please, i beg you to give the service for the youth. i'm sorry to get so emotional. >> thank you for being here. i appreciate it. [applause] >> hello, good evening. i am currently a student at san francisco university in global science. as a daily passenger myself, i consistently see the struggle for most used in my district. some drivers
supervisors because she has three new libraries in the district. with that, let us welcome supervisor malia cohen. [applause] >> hello, everybody. good morning. it is a new day. do you believe? i am so humble than excited to be here. i have personally spent time in the library, growing up with mrs. jones' daughters studying here. here we are on the corner, the process of a new day, a new beginning. i say that optimistically but also cautiously. it is a new day because it is a ground-breaking ceremony and we are moving forward, but we're also continuing the work that many have done before us for this part of the community. [applause] and i highlight particularly our matriarch leaders because they will have a special space in the library. right? just making sure. when you think about a community in transition, like ours, when you put it in context with the challenges we are having, today is symbolic. today is the day that we break ground, to plant a new seed that will bear fruit. that is exactly what a library does. it houses our culture, traditions, way of life, and it preserves it, and it p
and live coverage of the u.s. senate. they are scheduled to work on annual federal spending. >> this weekend six republican presidential candidates travel to the iowa state and freedom coalition candidate forum. watch live coverage of herman cain, newt gingrich and rick santorum and governor rick perry and representative ron paul and michele bachman starting at 7:00 p.m. eastern saturday on c-span's road to the white house. >> at the heritage foundation the defense department general counsel j. johnson -- jeh johnson talk about legal treatment of detainees and the pentagon's operation to parts of the programs bill regarding the detention of suspected terrorists. the house passed that bill earlier this year. this is just over an hour. and >> thank you for joining us. it is my privilege to welcome everyone to our auditorium. and welcome those who join us on our web site on the occasions. i would ask everyone if you would be so kind as to check your cellphone one last time to see that they're turned off as we proceed with the program. mustaf and a camera crew will
in your home nd you new about it for a year. and the &pidea that you stand ere bbfore us ann ttlk bout that you're strong on immigration is on itssface the height of hypocrisy." romneyysaas he fired his lawn service as soon aa he learned the company employed illegal immigrants. then, the attacks got personal. "you have a problem with &paalowing someone to finish &pspeaking. and i suggest that statts, you got to let oth peoole speak. let me sppak. (cheering)"rising star herman cain fended off attaaks on his 9-9-9 tax plan."the fact of the matter i reports are now out ttat 84 percent of aaericans would pay more taxes under his plan.""i ddn't think fly.""unfortunaaely, none of my distiiguished colleagues tooight understand the plan... i invvte every family to do your own calculations."cain has overtakee perry to join romney at top of the polls.the verral sparring betwwen the &pthree leading candidates s sign of just how tense and uncertain this race haa pecome. i'm greg black, reporting. the debate was minus onn after former utah governor jon huntsman chose to boycott ii. he
tax is not use these lands? my history of the area is i had a girlfriend lived in the area about 21 years ago. we used to take the 71 at page and laguna and they had a nice little coffee shop there, and i used to take her there, so you're so familiar with the area, more intimately than just being a cabdriver. the issue is that haight streak is a lot steeper than page. you are dealing with some steeper slope issues, if i'm not mistaken, right? the thing is that -- my question is why these people's concerns were not addressed or dealt with, or were they in your staffing reports, these concerns, about these issues when you've got this information -- why i did not hear about this? these are legitimate concerns that should have been dealt with in public comment. i think you should go back to the drawing board and ask for your traffic engineers to give you responses to these people's questions or justifications for making these types of changes. yes, taxis should be able to use this. transit first. it will help get better cab service by having the ability to use these transit lanes as wel
, thanks to the members of the board of supervisors, thank you for being to us. and i want to thank the police. they have been respectful and they're escorting us here. at night, when they cause the problems, some as giving them in order to do that. find out who is giving them those orders, and make them stop. [applause] >> thank you. the next speaker. >> thank you for having me and i thank you so much for all of your hard work, also. i am a participant in the marches. i am of full-time volunteer for a yoga organization that has been here for four years. we live communally, and it works. the time i have spent and seen them out there, we're all educated on how to share and meet the requirements that you have asked for. this is not causing a problem, and this is a way to live in the future and they are trying to demonstrate this in their message and their actions with how they live and how they share. it is important in the symbolic nature as well. i feel that everyone in the board has to realize that this is not business as usual. this is not a musical festival. and this is a protest
francisco. if you are heading south out of the city use the 280 extension or get on the 101 south of hospital kerb at army or cesar chavez. more when the kron 4 morning news returns. >>mark: more on our hot spot, a tanker crashed in san francisco, 101 southbound has shut down. we are live at sixteenth and san bruno with jackie sissel. >>jackie: i am below the freeway looking over the top. you can see firefighters up on the freeway and you can see the ladder truck down below that has been sending water up above to the tanker fire, that truck fire that happened on the southbound 101. basically, right about where the ups building is, right before hospital curve, a couple of hours ago is where the accident happened. it looks like the flames are out of the traffic is a nightmare. i came across the westbound bay bridge about 30-35 minutes ago and it is already starting to back up to fifth street. if you can avoid the area, avoided at all costs. city streets are also blocked. >>mark: we are heading into the heart of the commune. let's speak with george about finding a way around this mes
of ulysses currie continues today. currie is accused of using his influence to benefit shoppers food warehouse well on the payroll as a consultant. >> redistricting may of been the intention for the special discussion. martin o'malley's administration is linking an increase on the gas tax. the tax would increase by 15 cents a gallon, up 5 cents each year for the next three years. the maryland chamber of commerce all support the proposal. >> we're putting construction workers back to work. we're putting hands on shovels and dollars in the pocket. >> i don't think it is a straight line that we will create new jobs. >> that brings us to our water cooler question of the day. do you think maryland needs to raise the tax on gasoline to spur job growth? you can share your response at and on our facebook page, or send us an e-mail to the state senate did approve the plan to redraw the congressional map. all 12 senate republicans voted against the plan. border say the proposed map shows the changing map of the suburbs. some say it favors party politics. and
and interest on these bonds. the bond funds would be used to repair and replace major building systems including electrical, heating wat, water, security, and fire sprinklers. remove hazardous materials. improve accessibility for people with disabilities. make necessary seismic upgrades. replace permanent structures and perform other work necessary to apply closure -- codes and regulation . they can't pay for teachers and administrative salaries or operative expenditures. >> hi, my name is melissa griffen. and a member of the league of women voters of san francisco. >> proposition b authoress the city to authorized to hundred $48 million in bonds to improved street structures such as bridges. this would come with an increasing property tax, if needed, to pay for those improvements. the city is responsible for maintaining about 850 miles of streets. a study shows about half of the streets any major repairs. the city can only use this bond money to pay for and repairs city streets. it will improve lighting, sidewalk extensions, trees, and landscaping. renovation programs to increase safe
will allow us to meet the original objective of restoring reliable emergency power while also maintaining the original schedule with the added benefit of shifting a good benefit of work from the contracts on the rebuild to smaller, local contractors that are advancing the generator project. with a quick overview, i can address any questions. supervisor chu: thank you. let's go to the budget analysts report. >> madam chair, members of the committee, on the bottom of the page, towards the end of page 4 of the report, at the p.w. -- dpw points out that by combining them, we were able to save $2 million in general contract and to install all five generators. given the recommendation on the following, page 5, dpw did not require a competitive bidding process for the work and is, instead, seeking an amendment -- as you know. the reason is, rubicon has begun cancellation of the five generators and has undertaken a new competitive prophecy at this time, which will cost more than what is needed to complete the work. we find that explanation to be reasonable. supervisor chu: let's open this up for
important thing for us to remember that as we are thinking about comprehensive immigration reform, that we also continue to strengthen and defend sanctuary ordinance not just here in san francisco, where it has been under a lot of pressure and discussion and a lot of debate, bull also all over the country, because other cities also have a sanctuary ordinance. again, it is not about -- the way that the current dialogue that is been happening, a lot is about crime. it is actually about insuring that everybody has equal access and equal process in san francisco. so we want to put that out there and remind people that is what it is about, and we are definitely here to be able to hear any questions and again to continue strengthening and defending the sanctuary ordinance. my colleague is going to talk always more about the complaint process that people can use to file a complaint regarding a sanctuary city violation. >> thank you. if i may, i just want to read more cards, and if you would, line up to speak. once again, forgive me if i am mispronouncing a name. janine. lapeta. thank you. carl. j
>> good afternoon, everyone. i would like to begin by thanking all of you for joining us here today. today, we celebrated a number of things, among them, that we completed demolition of the old transbay terminal and that our foundation construction work is well underway, as you can see, from the surrounding site. i would like to thank and acknowledge our congressional delegation that was extremely instrumental in helping us fully fund phase one and get the $400 million that is allow us to do the construction work that you see here today. i want to thank nancy pelosi, senator dianne feinstein, and senator barbara boxer. i would also like to thank and acknowledge our mayor, mayor ed lee, who is here with us today. since mayor lee's early days in city hall, he has been a strong supporter of the transbay project and everything that the transbay represents. housing, improve air quality, the alleviation of congestion, and a better quality of life for all bay area san franciscans. i would also like to add that since coming into office, we have created over 1000 jobs for this project. so, t
>>> we begin with a severe weather alert. hello, i'm jaycee hayward. thank you for being with us. we're in jeopardy of severe flooding because of the rain so let's get to howard with full details. >> really more concern with severe thunderstorms today, with the wind damage potential later today. looks like that flooding concern not as much of a threat as the main rain, the heaviest stuff on the carolina coast and new england. but this storm out here with the heavy rains that are going on, as this gets closer, that is when our thunderstorm threat will increase, and we're talking about damaging wind gusts and isolated tornadoes. the moisture right now getting closer. we had a nice break after this morning, but rain returning into fairfax county through manassas and prince william county, and points of the south and west, this is one area of showers but i do expect we'll see more. the problem we have for later, we've got two storms. one area of low pressure, weakening one, near us now. but a much stormier area of low pressure west with upper level wind support so these will come tog
of that early enough. we did that. what happened since then, the building changed hands. aaa used to own the building. the move out of town, sold the building to patson. they held the building some time from 2009. in march 2011 this year they defaulted on their loan on the building. it was essentially taken over by the lenders, the national electrical benefit funds. the lenders have different plans for the building. i understand there want to redevelop the building as a residential building, which frankly, as a planner, living at the future of van ness, brt, is a great idea, unfortunately, it has a great affect on us. they have come back to us and said that we would like you out of the building, frankly, and we would like not to exercise its option on the lease. we have had some back and forth about that. the way that the race is 11 -- the lease is britain is in the old way, puts us at a disadvantage in that the landlord has the power to relocate us two different floors to give us with the lease cost comparable space. we have done the legal research on that. in order to have a functional
of us and we are struggling to figure out the best way to accommodate. we need to figure out how to be flexible. a first amendment is something that i cherish, we don't want anyone to feel restrained in their ability to speak out and represent their opinion. one other thing, i don't think it is a good use for the demonstrators to be focused on sfpd when the focus is on the top 1% and the wealth occured there. i spent time talking to residents, at any given time we have six to eight police officers in south of market and i don't want to see three at the demonstration. if it continues to go on as it is currently. last, i wanted to touch on another issue that the office is working on, pedestrian safety. i had the unfortunate circumstances of actually witnessing a pedestrian get hit by a car. it really reaffirm my commitment to working on increasing pedestrian safety, particularly in district 64 we have the highest number of collisions between vehicles and cars. and also of howard and full sun, i continue working on this. i want to thank the chief's wife for being here. last night, o
. the decontamination work began tuesday. radiation levels there are relatively high. a team of professionals used power washers to clean rooftops and rain gutters. they also removed trees and topsoil from gardens. >> translator: i am hoping the radiation level will go down, but i think they should have started decontamination work earlier. >> fukushima city's ultimate goal is to decontaminate 110,000 residences, public facilities, and roads near schools in the next two years. authorities plan to ask residents and volunteers to help clean up areas where radiation levels are not too high. >> translator: things have finally started, but there are so many hurdles ahead. i think it will be a long battle. >> some of those hurdles include securing the necessary man power and finding space to store radioactive waste. >>> vietnam had a tsunami drill tuesday on the coastline facing the south china sea. it is a sign of how this year's disaster in japan has made ocean facing communities everywhere more alert. dao van hung has more. >> reporter: we never experienced a tsunami before, but what happened in japan was
elementary school. thanks for joining us. i'm raj mathai. >> i'm jessica aguire. an east bay father is not waiting to find out after a nasty and threatening note was left on the desk in walnut creek. the school said they are investigating, but parents are questioning whether they are really doing enough. live in walnut creek and how seriously are police taking this threat? >> reporter: they are taking it very sourcely and investigating what happened on friday. parents were giving this letter simply saying a threatening derogatory note was passed to a fifth grade student by fellow students and the victim said however they didn't respond fast enough. >> very hurtful for my daughter. she is only 11 years old. >> it was an anonymous note left on griffin's daughter's desk in walnut creek. >> the n word was used. threats to get their father's gun and come to school and shoot and kill my daughter. >> griffin said it included a drawing of his daughter being shot. >> there was actually a diagram written. stick figures with my daughter getting shot by a gun. then a message underneath it too.
to please turn it off, put it on silent or vibrate for us. that would be very helpful. mr. mayor? >> thank you. thanks, everyone. welcome to the second meeting of this year for our disaster council and, again, i want to signal my appreciation and i know supervisor chiu, our board president who's here today, is also welcoming of everyone here today to focus on national awareness month. we recognize events happen all over the world, not only new zealand, not only japan but what we all kind of felt the weird earthquake on the east coast, it's still a constant reminder our percentages are going higher here as years go by that we have to be even more ready. i want to signal a very, very clear appreciation for the departments that anne is working with, your level of cooperation from our fire to police. but every other department and then as importantly, our utilities and our agencies that we're working together with as well. nonprofit world are just as important. it's my intention and goal in working with the board of supervisors to make sure everyone is prepared. and not only prepared for the 7
, rules, that the cops have rated us four times now. i hear the most of present time, the dtw wasn't part of this one. the cops through all the stuff in a dump truck. i was wondering about that. and also why there have been several meetings with various city officials and they all have been behind closed doors. why no one can take responsibility for who actually finalizes the decision for the cops to move then on tearing down our campus and pretty much raping us in so many words. everyone claims that our public health and safety is our concern. we are not able to have tents and medical supplies because they keep getting stolen and rated by the police. this does not make sense. [applause] president chiu: i just want to reiterate and ask for your respect for the board rules. i appreciate the comments that we have had. we have rules in this chamber for reason, so we can facilitate democracy. we want to be able to do this efficiently. higher appreciate your respect. thank you. >> i am a public servant, my name is robert benton. in 1999, when class stiegel went out, the economic forecast was s
for this issue. >> to substitute to go vehicles is troublesome and reminds us of a situation in philadelphia, where they have a similar type law. but in a ten-year span, over 100,000 vehicles were impounded, and this also raises ethnic or racial profiling. >>> aaa would prefer only tickets and fines for drivers with expired registrations under six months. >>> republican presidential candidates took part in a feisty debate in las vegas. they came out swinging against herman cain's 9-9-9 plan. >> susan mcginniss has a recap. >> reporter: all bets were off in las vegas as republican presidential candidates went head to head. >> i'm speaking. i'm speaking. >> this has been a tough couple of debates for rick. i understand that. you are going to get testy. the debate heated up last night. >> you lose all of your standing because you hired illegals in your home and you knew about it for a year. >> if someone who has a record as governor with regard to illegal immigration that doesn't stand up, it is you. >> most polls show romney is still the gop front runner but all the candidates zeroed in on geo
. item 14 is a workshop to the commission on land use policy. i would love to hear your feedback after that to see if those are the kinds of workshops and the way to present its, and i would like to get your thoughts on whether that works for you. today, we will try that and see if it works. we're trying for something closer to the kind of discussion we had at our retreat, where there is more resolved conversation before we have actually britain's sunday down as a policy. president vietor: with the idea be that we would have a workshop and then at the subsequent meeting we would have a resolution or action item necessary or recommendation to come forward? >> we would headache recommendation, resolution, policies subsequent at the next meeting. it would dictate how much information we are crafting. but it really is to have that broader discussion, more free- forming kind of discussion, as opposed to being stuck with something already written down. there are other topics like that that might be useful to have it in that fashion. president vietor: any other questions or comments on the ge
south and use alternate routes, so i am just wondering if that change was factored in to the traffic evaluation of this project. and if he says yes, that is all i need to hear. i just want to make sure. >> to be honest, i would have to double check. traffic volumes -- for the study, it was limited to this and a second, and it was clear that an addendum to the market/octavia plan. i would have to look at the volumes used, but i would note that when we did the clearance for this intersection, we have the assumption that there would be general traffic using this approach, and you would have the signal coming up every cycle, whereas under this new plan, they only come up once every three to five minutes. that drastically reduces the amount of time, and we should be able to accommodate the traffic either way. >> ok. my second question -- you say opponents are concerned that the project does not address the congestion, which was created by the octavia project, and that became an artery to the freeway. i want to just make sure -- is there any concern, or did your studies or engineering repo
on the republican jobs plan. >> what is standing between us and full employment is we prevent companies pollute our air and water too much. we on the other hand have said let's put teachers back in the classroom in north carolina and all across the country. [ applause ] those are two choices. >> reporter: after bashing republicans the president insisted he wants to work with them to pass his jobs plan. in washington, one of the most likely republicans to support the president did the opposite, and delivered tongue lashing to treasury secretary tim geithner. >> time to get administration to concentrate on jobs, jobs, jobs. i don't know who you are talking to, i don't know who the president is talking to. talk to the average person unfiltered. we don't dare make a move. after a year, then what? >> reporter: on the road, the president is trying to connect with real people. but republican olympia snowe says the prescription is a one-year band aid. >> rome is burning. we want help. three years of the same unemployment numbers as we do today, mr. secretary. that is the point. this is nothing new. we need
organizations can weigh in on the comprehensive immigration reform debate. tonight's information will be used to guide the commission's work and to help shape our recommendations on behalf of the city immigrant community. i would like to introduce our presenters for tonight's symposium. the office of assembly man is here. thank you. the northern california chapter of the immigrants lawyers association. the commission would also like to thank our symposium partners. the asian american justice center from washington, d.c. the center for state and local government law. the chief justice earl warren institute. the consulate general of mexico. the quality federation. -- equality federation. the national center for lesbian rights. san francisco chamber of commerce. the san francisco department of children, youth, and their families. san francisco department on the status of women. san francisco zero divided foundation. we would like to thank the city department heads that are here. the department of status of women. the human rights commission, and our own director, the office of civic engagement a
. the deaths have gotten more gruesome. veracruz used to those -- to boast that it was mexico's safest city. more than 100 people have been killed in the last month. 35 people have been left in the street in daylight. empty homes have been boarded up after they were used as headquarters. >> this is one of more than three locations were more than 30 bodies were found just a few days ago. it is part of a vicious battle that has been taking place, and the marines have now been deployed to the streets of the city which until recently was prepared please save region was perfectly safe. >> many of them are victims of tit-for-tat. speaking out is a rare and dangerous thing to do in mexico, but janet figueroa is prepared to take to clear her father's name. he was a mechanic caught in the crossfire of a gun battle. janet says the state fabricated evidence he was a criminal. and why is this used to be a safe city. i never imagined something like this -- >> this used to be a safe city. i never imagined something like this would happen. we have received threats, but i have to speak out that civilians a
of building trust between law enforcement and the community, which is absolutely essential to keeping us safer. it is very important that we take that very seriously. unfortunately, in the current office, we have a situation where the former police chief has become the district attorney, which is simply a walking conflict of interest. that has never happened before not only in the history of san francisco, but in the history of our country. it is not george's fault. anyone in that position would have conflicts of interest. but the problem that did happen is we have allegations of officers doing illegal searches and then lying about it. officers are innocent until proven guilty, but george was chief at the time, and he cannot fairly investigate this case is. he has not recused himself. he does not have a conflict of interest policy. i will have a strong conflict of interest policy and surely allocate conflicts of interest. >> the reason that police officers can come and live is again the way we asked them to investigate. we asked them to go into an investigation and interact with the criminal e
it at all. it is unacceptable. most importantly, i support the continuance because i did time for us to get together and talk about what does it mean to have a cbd. in my opinion, the black community in san francisco is under a state of emergency. nobody is looking out for us. our leadership has issues in it. with a black president, we need to be talking about leadership in san francisco. if we're going to talk about a community benefit district colleague to talk about a black leadership. bottom line. i support the continuance. president chiu: are there any other members of the public who wish to speak to this motion or speak in favor of or in opposition of the new and expanded cbd. seeing that no more, we have a motion in front of us to continue this matter until december 13th, 2011. can we take this motion without objection? without objection, this item is continued, open to december 13th, 2011 at 3:00 p.m. colleagues, why don't we proceed to roll-call and i will note that 3:30 we have to special commendations. why don't we go to roll-call. supervisor avalos: just a comment about the rece
. but when you assault us and arrest us and you refuse to let us have basic human rights, you are not showing that you are with us. i told many of the riot cops that were there that night that i believe in personal responsibility. that we all choose our actions and we're responsible for what we choose. so my question to everyone here as well as to the police is are you part of the 99%? are you willing to support us or not? [applause] >> thank you. next speaker. good evening, city officials. it's been a rough night. an entertaining night. my name is ivan velez. i just wanted to say three things. a lot of things have been said. the mayor has been on many, many times tonight especially about occupy s.f. and the new movement that we are all part of. and i would like to hope that you enjoy it. you gathered a lot of information from us. and you appreciate what's going on on this day. you can use all your powers and not be detered by obstacles to help to help everyone and ourselves move forward. the 99% -- the 99% help us, help us move forward. thank you for listening and being here with us. >> 99.
so much for being with us today. of course, we do have coverage from greece and we can now go to chris morris who is following events. >> good afternoon. teachers, doctors, lawyers, pharmacists -- you name it, they are all on strike today. the unions representing more than half the greek workforce asking members to come out on strike. in the last few minutes we heard the first sound of potential trouble -- either tear-gas or potentially stun grenades being fired i believe around the side of the parliament building. but most of the people we have spoken to are not here to cause trouble, they are here because they are angry. a show of strength on the streets. but what difference will it make? unions representing half of the great work force are taking part in a 48-hour general strike -- a protest against yet more austerity measures about to be approved in parliament. >> with our protests, with all of us participating, we will stop this bill from being voted in. this government must fall and all the parties that support the measures must fall with it. >> this country is now in it
protesters do not want us inside their camp. >> mitt romney, you hired illegals. >> which candidates scored some points in the republican debate. >>> and a speed bump for president barack obama's bus tour, the items stolen from his bus. >>> this is ktvu channel 2 news... >>> well,good morning to you welcome to wednesday, it is october 19th, i am dave clark. we begin with breaking news in san francisco, a huge crash involving a burning truck and several cars causing big delays on highway 101, even the bay bridge, sal has details on what is happening right now. >>> this is breaking news in san francisco, as we are getting more daylight, we are seeing 101 is shut down and it is still shut down this crash occurred just before 5:00 a.m. where a truck overturned and collided with several other vehicles and burst into flames. i want to show you a picture from one of our crews on the freeway, this is southbound 101 completely shut down, and that's the command post there, fire crews are attended people who are injured and it looks like one of the persons who are involved. a lot of police officers i
't really talking to us about what they were talking and then eventually told us they weren't going to tell us. >> why isn't anybody talking to police? >> first of all we're in the business of saving lives. it's not our business to arrest people. >> reporter: he says it would compromise their mission on the streets. but not everyone likes that logic. >> if they're not going to participate with the police officers, how is the community going to do it? that's the wrong message. >> reporter: we asked several times to ask to the director of this program and he simply said he was not available. i spoke to the city manager and says there are no official plans to penalize the program or disband it. eric rasmussen. >>> new information tonight about the police response to a bold theft at an oakland pawnshop. we showed you the surveillance video last night of a man stealing a $2,000 gold chain. the manager told us police didn't respond to his repeated calls until ktvu aired the video. this morning the manager said police did come by and pick up a copy of the video. investigators say our stories led t
: good evening everyone. my colleague tom hudson is on assignment tonight. europe and the u.s. economy-- those troublesome issues pressured stocks today. there were conflicting signals today on how close european leaders are on a deal to solve the debt crisis ahead of a crucial summit this weekend. investors are concerned that talks between france and germany have stalled. and in greece, one of the largest demonstrations as people protested a new batch of austerity measures. the greek parliament takes a final vote on the plan tomorrow. also worrying investors? a pessimistic report on the u.s. economy from the federal reserve. its beige book survey of regional economies showed weaker conditions for growth. all that led to a negative close on wall street. the dow lost 72 points, the nasdaq dropped 53 and the s&p slipped 15. earlier in the day, averages were solidly in positive territory. as suzanne pratt reports, today's volatility is a pattern of trading that will be with us for a while. >> reporter: one day we're up. one day we're down. with the u.s. stock market experiencing such wild
. wjz 13 learned detectives used his cell phone signal to track his whereabouts. >> we know what has happened to william. he can be with his mother, when we have a service we can have them both together hopefully. not have this hanging over our head. worrying and waiting and looking and not having an answer. >> reporter: police uncovered video of william and his step dad at the shed nearby hours before they say the 6th grader was murdered. william was flaying unaware of the horror that was about to come. >> it did not appear there was any distress between the two in the footage. he appeared to be running around as you would expect a boy that age to do. >> reporter: lopez has a violent past arrested after fleeing to north carolina and headed back to maryland to face murder charges for jane mc quain. police say charges are pending for the murder of young william. >> william was the greatest, most beautiful, wonderful cheerful child in the entire world, entire world. there is no reason this should have happened to him. who could do this to william? it's just a little kid. who could do i
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